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Drying Herbs

Whether you have them for mundane or medical reasons, properly drying your herbs is important.

Most herbs are easily dried by hanging them upside down in a cool area where they will get a bit of air flow. Before I had my dehydrator, I hung my herbs up in my closet. You can also dry them in the dehydrator at the lowest setting, by far the quickest method, or you can dry them in the oven on the lowest temperature with the door propped open by a wooden spoon to allow for airflow.

Herbs are properly dried when they are easily crumbled between your fingers.

Be sure to store your dried herbs in airtight containers in a cool dry place. A lot of people store theirs above the stove or close to it. This is one of the worst places because the heat will degrade your herbs, they will lose potency in flavor and go stale much quicker. To store large quantities for your preps, place your herbs in a food saver bag or a mylar bag and add an oxygen absorber. If you have to open the bags, quickly remove the amount you need and then reseal the bags as soon as possible to maintain quality.