I am not responsible in any way for anything you do!

Make sure you use common sense while getting information from the internet (or any source) and that includes here too!

Make sure you thoroughly research any information you find to be sure that its accurate and up to date!

While I have worked in healthcare, my blogs are purely my opinion and in no way should they be used in place of proper medical attention. I am not a doctor, I can not assess you over the internet, not everything here will be good for everyone (or anyone!) Always check with your healthcare provider before doing anything suggested by anyone on the internet (these people do not know you, may not be who they say they are and quite honestly might just be making stuff up! So take everything on the internet with a grain of salt please!)

Once again, I am not responsible for anything you do with any of the opinions or ideas I have written here! Thanks 🙂


Some links provided are affiliate links, if you buy via the link, I’ll get a little money and it costs you nothing!


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