The Ugly Side of Prepping

Prepping isn’t just about gear, food, water or ammo. It’s not even about knowledge (which of course is vital). You have to be mentally prepared.  A lot of people think they are. I’m not so sure of that though.

In New York after Sandy, people were eating out of dumpsters. Gross? Get used to the idea. Even if you’re prepped with years and years of food, it could still happen that you might need to eat garbage. If you accept that possibility now, it won’t be so hard when it comes down to it.

What about self-defense? Most preppers have guns or other various weapons that they would use for self-defense. But most people have never killed someone. It’s a lot more than point a gun and shoot. Could you look someone in the eye and kill them? Can you handle the after effects? Even if you kill in self-defense, there is that lingering guilt. PTSD is not just a soldiers disease and it is not just from being in danger. Taking another human’s life is a big deal and takes a long time to get over. If it comes down to it, you need to be prepared to make that decision and defend yourself and your family. (A good book about this is On Killing, recommended to me by a veteran.)

Sooner or later, you may have to come to terms with the fact that even though you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours prepping, stocking, reading etc, it may not be there when you need it. Sh-t happens. You may have to unexpectedly bug out, leaving your stuff behind, someone may steal it, it may run out. Be sure to have more than one or two plans. You should have plans A through Z.

Bad people will be out there when the SHTF. Good people will turn desperate and do bad things. You need to be able to deal with them and avoid them when you can. Are you ready to loot a store to feed your family? Would you steal for them? Would you kill the guy down the street whose basement is full of MREs? These are things we need to consider. The ugly side of prepping.


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  1. Excellent Blog. Thanks for writing it. It definitely brought back to mind some of the things that I have already “chosen” to do, or not do.
    The only response that I have in disagreement is to the statement, “You should have plans A through Z.” I disagree. As a prepper or survivalist, we live by the rule of 3. We have Shelter/Heat, Food/Water, ways to protect those. This is our basic 3, but further than this, I have 3 ways to my 3 Bug Out Locations. 3 means of travel to get there. 3 ways of producing clean water and 3 ways to make electrical power… I’m sure you get the point. If you try to make plans for “every contingency” you will wear yourself out and go insane. Do the best you can. Plan for as many contingencies as you can, but in the end; be open to the unexpected.

    Thanks again for the article and the others I plan on reading!
    Sgt Charlie

    • Thanks for reading Sgt Charlie. Your plan of 3 is essentially my A-Z 🙂
      if you have 3 bug out locations and three ways to get to each, that’s already a big chunk of the alphabet right there.

  2. Every turn you take will be filled with new and unique decisions!
    A lot of good people are going to die! Killing someone on accident will be the number one way people will die, distrust is and will be a part of every minute of survival.

  3. Yours is a powerful point. One of the comments I’ve heard from others lately has to do with balancing your preps. For those of us that are “bugging in,” or not going anywhere in the event of a disaster, stockpiling months of preps makes more sense. You’ve committed to staying where you are, feel comfortable that there will be no major disasters (such as flooding, hurricanes, forest fires, etc.) that will require you to Get Out Of Dodge, and you are therefore going to make a stand at your permanent location. This of course is a luxury that many of us do not have, given our location in the world. That is why our options are to balance our preps, as was stated in the above blog post, or relocate to an area where bugging in becomes possible.

    Great post!

  4. Adding to dark smith’s response. Plant some food that does not look like food. I live on the west coast. Unfortunately Kudzu does not grow here too well (the perfect survival food that does not look like food). In place of that I have Fo Ti (poilygonum multiform) which does grow great here. It is practically a noxious growing vine with lots of leaves that produce all year. The leaves are edible but nor recommended as a regular part of your diet (too much oxalic acid). If someone were to take all my food they would not know to take any of these vines I have growing here and there. Find out what non traditional foods grow in your area and get started now.
    By the way. I would eat grass before I would kill someone for their food. It is still murder even if I need food.

  5. Spelling correction:

    polygonum multiflorum

  6. Another ugly part is the fact that if you have a loved one who is medically infirm or relies on prescription medication in order to survive, there is a chance that they will run out regardless of how well prepared you are and you may have to watch them die.

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