Tips for Keeping Up Morale

Life post-SHTF will be very different than what we are used to. Different, harder, crueler and probably nothing like we expect it to be. We will have to deal with boredom (which can be a killer). People in the same environment for extended periods with a loss of privacy, a lack of hygiene, emotional issues, not to mention food fatigue and the digestive problems this can bring on will definitely need something to keep their minds off of things.

All of this is enough to bring anyone down. It is important to keep morale high. Boredom can lead to depression and depression can lead to a loss of will to live. This obviously is counter productive to our survival plans. So:

Give people a job to do, establish a routine. I’ve said it before, people thrive on routines. When you know what to expect and what your day looks like, it makes it easier to deal with.

Make sure you have entertainment. Books, games, decks of cards, coloring books for the kids, anything. If you don’t have a physical source of entertainment, put on a play, sing some songs or have a talent show.

Learn some skills that are fun and productive. Knitting or crocheting (which can be done with whittled sticks and plant made fibers!) can produce clothing, wash cloths, blankets and even nets for fishing. Wood working can make utensils (for eating and cooking), bows and arrows for hunting and improve your shelter!

Include some goodies in your preps. Candies or chocolates, stored in cool dark locations, can last almost indefinitely. (PLEASE do not throw out chocolate that has gone white! As a former chef I can tell you that it is NOT mold! It is called bloom and it is the fat in the chocolate separating. You can eat it as is or you can melt it down and mix the fats back in.) For the adults: a small bottle of your favorite liquor might be more to your taste. Or add a case of your family’s favorite soda to help ease the transition.

Above all else, never give up hope!


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  1. Preppergal, At first I would think these are all ‘common sense’ ideas. On second thought, however, not so ‘common’ anymore. I know people that are very negative about life in general now. I would hate to think of how low they would sink in a SHTF situation.

    Little things now could mean a great boost in a different life. Example: I love my coffee. I know after SHTF my coffee will eventually become scarce. I have enough stocked away to last a while. I also have un-roasted beans sealed and stored. It might get to a point where my only coffee will be one pot on Sunday morning. What a treat that will be. A small connection to a life of plenty to be sure, but a huge boost to MY morale.

    Games, toys, books(for fun), and hobbies will all be worth their weight in a post SHTF world. And hobbies that produce; woodworking, sewing, etc., serve double duty. But let’s not forget hobbies/talents that only produce smiles; telling jokes, spinning ‘tall tales’, singing, and others.

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