Commonly Overlooked Preps Part 2

Here’s part two of the list I posted earlier.

Soil – I know people that have tens of thousands of seeds but no soil. What happens if you have to plant inside? Or if the soil where you are is too sandy or too much clay? A couple bags of decent quality potting soil are a good idea to keep around. I recently got 10 20 liter bags of soil for $10.

Pets- please don’t forget your four legged friends! Make sure you have food and water put aside for them. You can put aside a couple of bags of kibble that your animals usually eat but you can also make your own dehydrated pet foods. I have also begun to see dehydrated animal food at the specialty pet stores. Just remember if you’re using dehydrated foods to have enough water to rehydrate. Which brings me to the next point.

Water – Yes, most of us have enough to drink but a lot of preppers have dehydrated foods. You need to consider how much water these things will take to rehydrate. What about gardening? There’s really no way to calculate how much water you would need for gardening but using a rain barrel can offset that. But keep in mind, there could always be a drought and if you’re counting on a garden as a large part of your food you better have a back up plan.

Garbage Bags – most people plan to burn their garbage, which is fine. But how about disposing of a body? You don’t necessarily want to be handling that. Or if you have lice, you can bag your clothing and bedding for a couple weeks to kill the lice. You can also use it for quarantine purposes. Make your ill person strip down, bag the clothes and get them into something clean. How about blacking out windows? Using a heavy duty garbage bag taped over windows can help to hide any light showing through (you may have to double up though)


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  1. Heya! I just wanted to add a commonly overlooked prep I was thinking about this week.


    Seriously. How DO you brush long hair without one? You know what happens to hair?? Bad bad things! 🙂

    I have a little baby at home, and I’ve been keeping my hair in a french braid now that she’s reached the “grabby hands” stage, where my hair is fair game if she can reach it. I even sleep in the braid. But in the morning when I take it out… oh good heavens. If I didn’t have a hairbrush… scary scary things.

    Pack away a few extra. And I’m on the lookout for a mental one (ouch – but sturdy). I bust through plastic ones every 6-8 months, and I’d hate to not have one.

    That, or in a TEOTWAWKI event, I’d just chip off my locks. 🙂

    ~ Sandy Taylor

    • Thanks for reading Sandy!
      Honestly, I figured I’d just cut my hair but you definitely have a great point. I might just do a post on hair! Haha, thanks again!!

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