Using Coupons to Prep

I have been using coupons for about 6 months but I have increased my food storage significantly. There is some truth to the popular belief that you can’t buy “good” food with coupons. In my opinion, if you’re starving, any food is good, basically.

I have gotten a lot of food for free or next to free including: pasta noodles, canned vegetables, pasta sauces, soups, soda, bread and yes, even milk.

I’m not too worried about finding produce coupons since I grow my own or buy from the local farmers market, so dried and canned things are great for my food storage.

I have also got for free: laundry soap, shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste, mouth wash, feminine products and other hygiene related items.  Not to mention a lot of free pet food and supplies (including free kitty litter!)

Most of these are from coupons that you can get sent to you in the mail. I get a coupon (ex: $1.00 off whatever, then wait for whatever to go on sale for a good price and use my coupons. I have found some great prices and got things for .50 cents or free.) Before anyone complains that this sort of thing is only possible on extreme couponing or only in the United States, I’d like to point out that I usually only use one or two coupons at a time, I have never stacked coupons and I do not live in the States. Anyone can do this; it is easy, simple and free.

Another great way to increase your storage is to sign up for free samples. Again, there is a lot more available in the States (*shakes fist at the lucky buggers*) but there is plenty other places. I have a lot of shampoo samples and the like, which fit very well into a bug out bag or can be used to barter.

Again, this is free and simple, it just takes a few minutes of your time to search out and sign up for some of the sample programs. The only thing I would advise is setting up a separate email address because most of the programs send you emails about their specials etc, and if you don’t check your email every day, it can add up quickly.

The items in the picture are all things that I have gotten for free either by using coupons or through sample programs, most of the things I have multiples of.

So try it out, you can save money and potentially build up some storage for free!


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  1. I love coupons and the great sales that some of the stores here have (I’m in Ohio in the USA).
    The store I shop at most often has a limit of 6 of the same coupon for the same item, and no stacking allowed. I couldn’t be like the crazy extreme couponers, even if I wanted to be.
    The one thing I always wonder about that show is just how do they use all that stuff before it goes bad?
    I use coupons and store sales to stock up on the rotating storage items, and meat for the freezer (and eventually the dinner plate). Aside from being great for food storage, it’s also great for the budget. Buying things on sale, and buying enough to last for a few weeks (or months) means that a) you have things you need and b) you’ve bought most of your stuff on sale.
    Coupons and sales are awesome 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on thesurvivalplaceblog and commented:
    Great advice for putting in your bug out bag or just to store for when SHTF, thanks Preppergal!

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