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Hair in Emergencies

I’d like to thank Sandy for pointing out the hair aspect of a SHTF scenario.

Personally, I plan to either cut my hair very short or shave it to cut down on the possibility of lice, fleas and other parasites that might like to live in it. This might not appeal to you and then, if you do it, what happens when your hair grows back?

Well, you can keep it short or you can try and keep it clean. I have bottles of shampoo put aside just in case but I also keep small sample size bottles in our bug out bags. I can use them or there is always the potential for barter or just giving away to those that might be in need.

An easy way to keep your hair clean (well, cleanER) is to use a dry shampoo. This is great for conserving your precious water supplies as well.

To use a dry or waterless shampoo, put the powder in your hair, let it sit a few minutes and then brush it out.

A simple recipe is just using corn starch or baby powder (I’ve also used arrowroot powder) mixed with a few drops of essential oils – citrus is good for absorbing oils, tea tree is good for deterring bugs and lavender is anti-septic and anti-bacterial.

You can also keep a few hairbrushes and hair ties in your preparations as well as some razors if you decide to shave your head or to barter with.