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Basic EDC

Basic EDC

An EDC, or Every Day Carry, is a kit that you take with you everywhere. It is smaller than a bug out bag and a bit more than most people usually carry. It is a good idea to carry one of these in your backpack, work bag or purse. Do not leave it in your car (I’ll cover car kits another day).

A basic EDC has enough stuff to get you home should you be stranded at work or school. You can think of it as an extended overnight bag if you will, I usually have most of this stuff in my purse.  A basic kit might include:


shampoo and conditioner

toothbrush and toothpaste

a can of tuna or other high protein food

a higher carb option (as seen in the picture –ramen noodles)

chocolate or candy

hand warmers

space blanket

a way to start fire

a candle or other heat source

a flashlight or glow stick

tea, coffee or other hot drink


a higher sugar and energy content drink (soda or sports drink)

first aid items (the metal tin in my photo contains cotton, ibuprofen and other basic medicines)

Also included (but not seen in the picture) is some money, self-defense tools, a small notebook of basic survival information, basic maps of the city and surroundings, chap stick (which you can use as a fire starter in emergencies) and a book or set of cards in case you get stuck somewhere.