Reusable Crocheted Bandages

Reusable Crocheted Bandages

I’d like to start out by saying this is not my pattern, I lay no claim to it. I got it from @yycbusymom and she got it somewhere else. If it’s your pattern, let me know.

So anyways, the idea is to make a bandage that is durable and reusable in a SHTF scenario. These bandages are easily made and can be boiled or bleached or washed to use again. Obviously there is a concern about blood borne diseases but I wouldn’t be reusing one unless I knew who it was on and what they have/don’t have. So family yes, strangers no, you can keep it, it’s really ok.

To make these bandages you need a 2mm sized crochet hook  (get a basic set here) and #10 cotton crochet thread. (here’s what I use: Crochet thread )

To start, chain 26 stitches. Turn and single crochet into your last stitch (there by making your bandage 25 stitches long.) Single crochet across your row. At the end, chain one, turn and single crochet into the first stitch.

Continue to single crochet the bandage until the desired length is reached. (You can do several, some 3′, some more. Yycbusymom was going to do some 10′ in case of a chest wound etc.)

When you’re done, tie off like you normally would, roll the bandage and put it into a plastic bag to protect it. (If you’re like me, you’ll have to wash it first, too much stuff gets on it while you’re making it).


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  1. This is a great idea, my wife and I are trying to add textile skills to our prepper tool box, we just bought a sewing machine, in time, Hopefully we can learn crocheting also. Your post is a great idea. I am glad I visited your site.

    • crocheting is pretty easy a chain even a child can learn and a single stitch like used in the bandages is simple as well, i learned by putting an add in the newspaper for a granny to teach me the basics ^.^

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